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Baby monkeys being sexually abused

Capuchin monkeys Hansel and Sussie were raised ‘as baby substitutes’. The pair were diabetic and alcoholic after being fed brandy and sweets. Hansel was covered in bald patches and rocked.

Crying Baby Monkeys Get on Everyone's Nerves. By Stéphan Reebs published June 28, 2009. Rhesus monkey mothers with young. When the little ones cry, the and the mothers get attcked more often. small baby monkey is abused by kidnapper even baby monkey cry and screaming for mom.otherwise kidnapper don't let baby monkey going to mom.=====....

Not sure why baby monkey hate is tied to racism at all. It makes no sense to me. So anyway, here’s how I “found out” I hated baby monkeys. There was a video of a baby monkey taking a bath and I watched it. I was reading the comments and saw someone mention this is refreshing since some videos are of them being mishandled..

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Thinking about acquiring a monkey to keep as an adorable pet? Think carefully. Thousands of nonhuman primates are hosted as companions in people's homes acro....

The tangled family history of Baby P is a graphic warning of the horrors that generations of neglect and savage abuse can visit on children. Andrew Anthony spent months investigating the case.


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